Pastor's Thoughts

Bishop Roy E. Campbell, Jr.           From the Pastor                        


“Since you were faithful in small matters, come share your master’s joy.”

The Master of the house returned from a long journey to see what had become of the talents (money) he gave to his servants. The Master had entrusted these assets of his to his servants and two of them doubled the talents given to them. The third did nothing with the talent given to him. The Master was testing his servants to see how they managed the “small” assets of the Master’s estate.

The servants, who used the talents given to them to increase the Master’s assets, were given more responsibility from their Master. The one who did nothing, lost even what had been given to him and was thrown out of his Master’s household. He was lazy and thought only of himself and not of what was expected of him by his master. This servant’s talent was given to the servant who already had much, but used his talents to increase his Master’s assets.

God gives all of us gifts unique to each of us. He leaves us on this earth to go out and invest the gifts (talents) that He has given us wisely, in order to carry out His will. When we do, we enrich those gifts and God is pleased. The better we use what we have, the more God gives us to use. The greater the gifts that we receive, the greater the responsibility we have to use them.

God is never outdone in generosity. He calls us to use the gifts He has given us to help one another. In return for following His command, God will not leave us with nothing, but will more than double our gifts. God calls us to help increase His possession of souls by helping in the work of salvation of every soul.

If we waste away our gifts, or do not use them at all, we will lose even what we have. We can see this in our own bodies. If we use our muscles, they become stronger and grow larger; however, if we fail to exercise our muscles, they will wither and lose what strength they had. I think that all of us feel better and stronger after using our muscles. We will feel better whenever we use the gifts that God has given us to help others on their journey to salvation, especially when we realize that whenever we give of ourselves, using the talents God has given us, we receive so much more from God.

Bishop Roy Campbell