Arts and Environment




Art and Environment Committee



Mission: To decorate our Church to reflect the joy and celebration of each Liturgical Season and to encourage worship and fullness of prayer without distraction.


Duties:  Decorating the Sanctuary and Church foyer through the Liturgical Seasons, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time.


Time Required: Easter and Christmas up to 3 hours (if done in one day), Lent, Advent, and Ordinary Time about 1-2 hours.  Meetings at least twice a year, usually on the same day of decoration.


Special Skills:  Love for decorating, sanctuary and bulletin boards, making floral arrangements, and team work essential.


Membership: Open to youth and adults. Youth can earn Community Service hours.


Contact: Cherry Neal at [email protected] or 301-641-3719



Liturgical ColorsLiturgical Calendar


 Green - Ordinary   Time

Violet - Advent &   Lent

 Red - Passion,   Holy Spirit, Martyrs, Pentecost, Confirmation

 White - Easter & Christmas, Feasts of Our Lord   & non-martyrs, Funerals (opt.) (o

Rose - 3rd Sunday of   Advent and 4th Sunday of Lent (optional)