Church Etiquette


 Respecting the House of the Lord


  • Please remember when you come to Mass you are entering the House of the Lord and must be properly clothed regardless of the weather or other events you may plan to attend after the service. The Sacred Liturgy requires everyone attending Church to be attired appropriately for worship and to receive the Eucharist. Parishioners should give great attention to their manner of dress as a demonstration of their respect for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Please make every effort to cooperate with this request.
  •  Please try to be on time for Mass! Sometimes things can't be helped, without doubt -- cars break down, babies need changing, alarm clocks fail to go off -- but chronic lateness for the Mass is rude and disruptive.
  •  Turn off cell phones, pagers, and other electronics including cameras.The ONLY exceptions are emergencies and if you are using the phone for readings or prayers.
  • When you enter the Church, cross yourself with Holy Water and thank God for the grace given to you at Baptism. 
  • When you reach your pew, genuflect toward the Tabernacle in the Sanctuary before sitting down and again when leaving the Church. If one is physically unable to genuflect, then a bow is sufficient.
  • Please participate in the Mass, Body, Mind and Spirit; singing, speaking, praying, attending within the heart and in the body. We are not here to observe. We are all an important part of the celebration of the Mass.
  • Fast before Mass. The Eucharistic fast is a required component of Communion.  It is Church law that everyone must abstain from food or drink at least one hour before receiving Holy Communion. The only exceptions are medicine, water or unless someone is ill and needs to eat sooner. 
  • No Food or Drink in Church. The only exceptions would be milk for infants, water for the priest or choir (if discreet) and water for those who are ill. Chewing gum, candy, or cookies during Mass is not acceptable. 
  • Bow before receiving the Precious Body, and again before receiving the Precious Blood as a gesture of reverence. Do not receive from the chalice if you are sick. This is an act of charity.
  • Holy Communion may be received on the tongue or on the hand. When received on the hand, the Sacred Host is to be placed in your mouth before turning away from the altar.
  •  The Mass is not truly over until the priest has left the Altar and after the closing hymn. Don't sneak out after Communion. Remember Judas was the first to leave the Eucharist at the Last Supper. 


 Thank you