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The Youth Choir will minister on the first Sundays of the month. All youth are invited to participate in this choir. Rehearsals are scheduled for Saturday mornings at 10:30. Rehearsal is one hour.


Taken at the Fransciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Washington, DC. 


Photo Taken at the Fransciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Washington, DC. 




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St Joseph Choir Family in Concert













Gospel Choir 

Ministry/Organization Leader:

   Theresa B. Leeke, Director

Contact:  [email protected]; (c ) 301-717-0855

Mission: To praise God in sung prayer primarily at the 11 AM liturgies.  Ministering to the people of God at St. Joseph in all genres of music: spirituals, anthems, church hymnology; and traditional and contemporary gospel music.  There is an open season to join the choir and individuals must contact the director to find those seasons.

Children and Youth Choirs

Ministry/Organization Leader: 

Name Bernadette Crawford

Title: Director(s)

Contact: 301-773-4838 (church office and leave a message)

 Mission: To train children and youth of the parish ages 5-18 to sing for liturgical celebrations;  train vocally the youth of the parish to become musical vocal leaders in the parish.  Rehearsals on Saturdays at 10:30 AM

Grow Our Own Musicians

Ministry/Organization Leader:

Name: Theresa B. Leeke

Title: Director

Email & Phone Number: [email protected], (c ) 301-717-0855

Meeting:  Wednesdays in the Sanctuary at 7 PM-9 PM.    



To develop youth musicians (ages 6-17) in our parish to play for all liturgies.  All musical  instruments  are available.  One aspect of the program is to teach interested youth of our parish how to play the piano free.  The ultimate goal is to guarantee our parish a pool of youth piano players that are competent to play for all types of liturgies.  All students must have their own instruments.


Contact Theresa Leeke for information.


Liturgical Dance