Women’s Ministry

St. Joseph's Women's Ministry 

The Women's Ministry encourages women to embrace and echo God's heart for the world. The ministry was birth from the evidence of the pain and hurt women carry around in their lives, due to unmet needs, unresolved issues, and unhealed hurts.



The goal is to strengthen God’s work in women by focusing on five different areas:

  • Prayer
  • Discipleship
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Leadership development. 


The ministry is designed to support and enhance the existing ministries of the church while adding a special emphasis on the unique challenges and opportunities of women.



Seven Steps – Empowering women to be delivered from hurt and pain and embracing a life of wholeness and completeness

Gabriel Network – Tools and support to women embracing motherhood and choosing life.



By proxy any woman that is 18 years or older and a registered member of the St Joseph is a member of this ministry; however the programs are open to every woman.


Contact Information

Email address: [email protected]

Coordinator:    Lorraine Hayling

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 301-773-4838, ext.14



Gabriel Network 


The St Joseph’s Women’s Ministry has incorporated the Gabriel Network to their Outreach Ministries. In this regard St Joseph has become part of the network of churches, and other organizations inspired by Christ to realize a culture of life through loving service to the women and families in our communities challenged with a crisis pregnancy.

The Gabriel Network is an alternative for women who choose life over abortion. Motivated by the belief that  "Nothing is Impossible with God." (Luke 1:37); the Angel Friends (volunteers) work alongside pregnant mothers and provide practical, emotional and spiritual support. Gabriel Project volunteers take care of the immediate needs of their clients - food, clothing, transportation, shelter and professional counseling. "We begin by addressing practical needs first" explains former Director Jim Sharbaugh, now the project's Maryland state director. "Once you address the practical needs, you move on to the emotional and spiritual needs."

The Gabriel Network offers several ways to get involved:

  • Angel Friend to befriend an expecting mom
  • Coordinator to help administer the local church effort
  • Donor to assist with the material needs
  • Mechanics to fix a car when needed
  • Prayer supporter to assist the spiritual needs.

Contact Information

Coordinator:          Karen Barrington

Email address: [email protected]

                       [email protected]

Gabriel Network website: http://www.gabrielnetwork.com