Young Adults



The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) aims to create a haven of fellowship for the young adults of the St. Joseph Church, providing spiritual, service and social opportunities, growing together in their faith and bringing each member closer to Christ.



YAM is a diverse group of young adults in the church and in the community, aged 20-40, that are interested in growing their faith with the young adult community. They are male and female, married and single, working professionals and full-time college students.


In alignment with the goals of St. Joseph Church, YAM is to participate in the Pentecostal outpouring of God's grace and love by providing our young adults with a group specific education and understanding of faith so they are well-equipped to live their lives as witnesses to Christ and the Gospel. The following list below outlines the group’s flagship activities:



·         Monthly Meetings: Monthly (Every 2nd Sunday) faith discussions with the church Priest, catered to the young adult’s group.

·         Community Service:  Bi-monthly community service events with, but not limited to St. Joseph Youth Ministry, and the community at large.

o   Integration into the Church Community: YAM members are encouraged to participate in the liturgical and sacramental life of the church, and seek opportunities to serve on other ministries and leadership bodies of the church.

·         Social Activities: Bi-monthlysocial events such as: bowling, Iron Chef cook-off’s, skating,game nights, happy hours, sporting events, recreational sports teams, etc.

·         Annual Retreat: An off-site annual retreat with the church Priest to build community and reflect on their faith.

·         Activities with Regional Churches:  Co-host and attend social and service events with local churches throughout the region.


Contact: Committee Chair, Keila Bratton at [email protected]

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